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Chronic Illness: Counselling Tips

Resource Type: Nursing Lecture
Presenter: Lesley Shanks
Listening Time: 33 Mins
Date Added: 26/06/2017
Date Recorded: 14/06/2012
Date Reviewed:
Event: Managing Chronic Illness in Older People
Location: Sydney, Australia

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Sometimes, many of those in our care simply need to talk, and although formal counselling sessions are very effective in clarifying a persons concerns and goals, there are many occasions where qualified counsellors are not available to help ease the person’s concerns. Nurses are unique amongst the healthcare professions in that they are frequently presented with opportunities to initiate informal counselling sessions with those in their care and their significant others. However, informal sessions still require appropriate techniques and structures in order for them to be effective, and this lecture explores these issues and provides guidance to achieving good outcomes from such small, informal counselling sessions.

Topics covered

  • What is the difference between interviewing and counselling?
  • Valuing communication that is more than just social conversation
  • Summary of practical models of counselling
  • Nursing time constraints and mini-counselling opportunities.

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Presenter Biographies

Clinical Facilitator (School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Newcastle), Dip (Health Counselling)
Lesley Shanks is Clinical Facilitator (part-time) for The University of Newcastle, School of Nursing and Midwifery. Her clinical and teaching background includes extensive experience in the areas of diabetes/medical/surgical/aged care nursing. Her post-graduate qualifications include a Diploma in Health Counselling and currently she is undertaking psychology degree studies. Lesley has a particular interest in simulation.

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