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Cleansing and Skin Care

  • Informs on the general principles of wound cleansing
  • Addresses the different wound-cleansing methods
  • Focuses on the two main groups of antimicrobial agents; antiseptics and antibiotics
  • Advises on general skin care and care of denuded skin

Effective wound management requires removal of debris and foreign bodies from wound tissue. Until the wound is clean, inflammation persists and optimum wound healing cannot occur. In this chapter learn about general wound cleansing and skin care...

Contents include

  • General principles of wound cleansing
  • Aseptic technique and clean technique
    • Aseptic technique
    • Clean technique
    • Choosing aseptic or clean technique
  • Wound-cleansing methods
    • Wound swabbing and/or debridement
    • Irrigation
    • Bathing
  • Antimicrobial agents
    • Antiseptics
    • Tap water and normal saline
    • Antibiotics
  • General skin care
    • Skin-cleansing agents
    • Moisturisers
  • Care of denuded skin
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