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Communicating in Frustrating Situations

Frustrating situations experienced by nurses can usually be directly attributed to difficulties associated with communication. Communication breakdown is one of the primary sources of stress for nurses, and communication barriers are often evident during various interactions—for example, in communication with people with dementia or with people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. As the population ages and migration continues, nurses can expect older, frailer and more culturally diverse people to enter care facilities, and they can expect an increasing incidence of dementia among those residents. This chapter explores how all of these issues present challenges for communication and how it is essential that all nurses understand the causes of frustration, how they can be avoided and resolved if they arise.

Contents include

  • The origin of frustrating situations
  • Communication difficulties
  • Dealing with frustrating situations
  • Nurses self-care
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Jacie-Lee Whitfield has been actively involved in aged care for many years, and has served in a wide variety of roles including nursing assistant, domestic worker, food-service attendant, diversional therapist, administration officer and coordinator. To complement her wide practical experience, Jacie-Lee has completed tertiary education in applied ethics, justice administration, psychology, health management and Spanish. In 1999 she launched her own consultancy business, Jacie-Lee Consulting, and has since worked with many organisations, assisting them to achieve accreditation and to comply wi...

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