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Creative Care

  • A wide variety of activities such as drama, poetry, art and drawing are evaluated in this chapter and suggestions for how and why these activities should be conducted are made

This chapter explores a wide selection of creative options that can be employed in the care of people with dementia in residential aged care. Suggestions are made which are not to be tried when all other care options fail, but are integral to the care of the whole person. This chapter focuses on the idea that care for people with dementia should never be generic and should, above all, focus on the needs of the individual person with dementia.

Contents include

  • Poetry & Drama-Sally Bowen
    • The joy of poetry & drama
    • Getting started
    • Resources and other options
    • Concluding the session
  • Art and drawing-Barbara Davison
    • The value of art
    • Who should be involved?
    • Choosing a time and place
    • Choice of tools and materials
    • What to paint or draw?
    • Getting started
  • Carving, modelling, and sculpture-Graeme Cameron
    • Introduction and history
    • Practicalities
  • Dance-Heather Hill
  • Music-Tanya Ryszczak
    • The value of music
    • The evidence
    • Implementing a music activity
  • Dolls-Sue Piccoli
    • The value of dolls
    • Who will benefit from the use of a baby doll?
    • What are the results for a person with dementia?
    • What are the advantages for the caregivers?
    • How are the dolls introduced?
    • What should the doll look like?
    • Do men have the same reaction to dolls?
  • Aromatherapy-Kirsten James
    • What is aromatherapy?
    • How does aromatherapy work?
    • Indications
    • Quality, safety, and professional issues
  • Animals-Kirsten James
    • Background
    • Benefits
    • Practical examples
    • Issues to be considered
    • Policy considerations
    • Protocols
  • Snoezelen-Carole Quinn
    • Potential outcomes
    • Visual stimulation
    • Auditory stimulation
    • Tactile stimulation
    • Smell and taste
    • Movement and vestibular stimulation
    • Suggested session guidelines
  • Reminiscence-Sandy Forster
    • Effective reminiscing
    • Ineffective reminiscing
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Author / Editor Biographies

Sally Bowen comes from a teaching background and holds a degree in social sciences and postgraduate qualifications in aged care. She began working in aged care in 1994 as an activity director, and has become committed to the implementation of various activities and programs as part of her holistic understanding of dementia care. Sally has developed a particular interest in Validation therapy, and this has enhanced her communication with people with dementia and her skills in providing leisure opportunities for older people in general. Sally is committed to a team-oriented approach in which the...

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