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Dealing with Unhelpful Nurses

  • Describes typical unhelpful clinical behaviours
  • Explains how to deal with uncooperative behaviours and major concerns
  • Discusses how to deal with bullying and provides examples of bullying by managers

Unhelpful behaviours are a major concern for managers. Most of these behaviours can be dealt with at local level and handled by the manger. This chapter provides nurse managers with tips for dealing with unhelpful behaviours, includes steps for dealing with a major issue and also addresses the issue of bullying.

Contents include

  • Describing unhelpfulness
    • Unhelpful clinical behaviours
    • Unhelpful behaviours towards colleagues
    • Unhelpful behaviours as a manager
  • Dealing with unhelpful behaviours
    • Dealing with the unhelpful clinician
    • Dealing with a major issue
    • Dealing with an angry nurse
    • Dealing with a bully
  • The manager as a bully
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Author / Editor Biographies

Michael is a nurse educator at Ipswich Hospital (Queensland, Australia) with interests in mental-health nursing, care of older persons and aggression minimisation. He has a particular interest in the mechanics of clinical decision-making under conditions of uncertainty. 

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