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Designing a Form for Your Needs

  • Discusses the purpose of forms
  • Advises on how to design your own forms by referring to the 'Collins Principles' of good form design such as title, purpose, size and more

"There must be a better form than this! Every nurse has said this- and, with a little help, every nurse is capable of designing a better form. This chapter offers some tips to help you design a better form; one that will do exactly what you want. Follow simple steps to ensure that your forms are well-designed and easy to fill out.

Contents include

  • The Purpose Of Forms
  • Designing Your Own Forms
    • Paper
    • Equipment
    • The Collins Principles Of Good Form Design
    • Almost Finally
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Author / Editor Biographies

BA, MEd, DipContEd (UNE) and TPTC.
John is not a nurse but he was a senior bureaucrat in a number of educational systems. He had to deal with a lot of forms; some excellent, some good, some nondescript and some downright awful. This chapter is designed to share his experience with you and, hopefully, to assist you to design your own forms which, of course, will be superb.

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