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Dispelling Myths, Imparting Knowledge - a Guide to Client Education

  • Description of how a unique bond between the patient and nurse can be achieved
  • List of differing types of materials which can be used to teach the patient about their treatments
  • Explanation of differing cultural and social attitudes
  • The importance of instilling hope is examined

This chapter guides nurses on how to provide effective client education and relevant information which has the potential to enhance the welfare and progress of people with cancer. It explains how oncology nurses are in an excellent position to pursue the most important aspects of nursing communication and efficient imparting of information.

Contents include

  • Getting started
    • How is this achieved and how is teaching carried out?
  • Cultural and social attitudes
  • Instilling hope
  • References
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GradCert (Advanced Nursing Cancer/Palliative Care Nursing), Cert (Cancer Nursing), RN, MRCNA.
Gordon began his nursing career in 1979, and has worked predominantly in oncology since commencing employment at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute in 1980 as a State Enrolled Nurse. After completing his General Nursing Training at Box Hill Hospital in Melbourne in 1985, Gordon returned to the Cancer Institute where he has been involved in a variety of cancer care areas. Following the completion of a Certificate in Cancer Nursing at the Institute in 1988, Gordon worked for six years as a Clinical Nurse Consultant in the chemotherapy unit. During this time he was given the responsibility of c...

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