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Documenting Dementia Using Assessment Tools

  • Focuses on the purpose of geriatric assessment tools
  • Discusses the types of geriatric assessment tools
  • Describes short cognitive tests for assessing mental health status
  • Includes a variety of tests for behavioural and emotional assessment

This chapter explores the use of a variety of different geriatric assessment tools and discusses their purposes. It focuses particularly on assessment tools designed for emotional, mental and behavioural assessment.

Contents include

  • Geriatric Assessment Tools
    • Why Use Them At All?
    • Types Of Geriatric Assessment Tools
  • Assessing And Documenting Mental Function
    • Mental Health Status Tools
    • Short Cognitive Tests
    • Behavioural Assessment
    • Assessing And Documenting Emotional Health
  • In Summary
  • References
  • Suggested Reading
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Author / Editor Biographies

MBBS (London), D Obst RCOG (UK), MCRP (UK) and FAFRM.
John Hurley is a physician in geriatric and rehabilitation medicine at the Queen Elizabeth Centre in Ballarat, a provincial city in Australia. He is a past chairman of the Australian Geriatric Society's Victorian branch (1986) and his committee memberships have included: Advisory Committee on Prosthetics and Orthotics to the Health Commission of Victoria (1978), chairman of the Extended Care Working Party, Health Commission of Victoria (1982), Small Rural Hospitals Task Force and Rural Health Advisory Committee to the Ministry of Health (1994). John is currently a member of the Dementia Task F...

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