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Documenting Dementia Using Assessment Tools

  • Focuses on the purpose of geriatric assessment tools
  • Discusses the types of geriatric assessment tools
  • Describes short cognitive tests for assessing mental health status
  • Includes a variety of tests for behavioural and emotional assessment

This chapter explores the use of a variety of different geriatric assessment tools and discusses their purposes. It focuses particularly on assessment tools designed for emotional, mental and behavioural assessment.

Contents include

  • Geriatric Assessment Tools
    • Why Use Them At All?
    • Types Of Geriatric Assessment Tools
  • Assessing And Documenting Mental Function
    • Mental Health Status Tools
    • Short Cognitive Tests
    • Behavioural Assessment
    • Assessing And Documenting Emotional Health
  • In Summary
  • References
  • Suggested Reading
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Author / Editor Biographies

MBBS (London), D Obst RCOG (UK), MCRP (UK) and FAFRM.
John Hurley is a physician in geriatric and rehabilitation medicine at the Queen Elizabeth Centre in Ballarat, a provincial city in Australia. He is a past chairman of the Australian Geriatric Society's Victorian branch and his committee memberships have included: Advisory Committee on Prosthetics and Orthotics to the Health Commission of Victoria, 1978; chairman of the Extended Care Working Party; Health Commission of Victoria, 1982; Small Rural Hospitals Task Force and Rural Health Advisory Committee to the Ministry of Health, 1994. John is currently a member of the Dementia Task Force and H...

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