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Documenting Evaluative Criteria

  • Debates criterion-referenced measurements against norm-referenced measurements
  • Discusses formative and summative techniques
  • Discusses subjective measurements and objective measurements
  • Outlines reliability and validity
  • Outlines different clinical indicators
  • Describes the continual process of evaluation

Evaluative criteria are measurement parameters that are based upon an accepted rule, standard or principle. All phases of care need to be clearly documented and evaluated. If the documentary evidence of evaluation is inadequate, all future care actions are in jeopardy of being unsuitable or even potentially hazardous. This chapter guides nurses on how to accurately use the parameters of evaluation and correctly document it.

Contents include

  • Introduction
  • Criterion-referenced vs norm-referenced measurements
    • Criterion-referenced measurement
    • Norm-referenced measurements
  • Formative vs summative techniques
    • Formative evaluation
    • Summative evaluation
  • Subjective measurements vs objective measurements
    • Subjective evaluation
    • Objective evaluation
  • Reliability and validity
    • Reliability
    • Validity
    • Reliability and validity
  • Clinical indicators
  • Continuous process
  • Conclusion
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