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Documenting the Intangible

  • Clearly defines 'spiritual need'

  • Discusses the importance of documenting spiritual care of patients
  • Includes questions for assessing a patients spiritual beliefs and background

This chapter discusses how to assess the spiritual needs of patients in order to become better equipped with providing care. It encourages nurses to listen to and empathise with patients in order that they receive the spiritual care and guidance they require.

Contents include

  • Making The Intangible More Tangible

    • Defining Spiritual Need
    • Documenting Spiritual Care
  • Meeting The Challenge
  • References
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Author / Editor Biographies

RN, RM, MCH and MCN (NSW).
Margaret Hutchison has a deep interest in the development of the nursing profession and is committed to encouraging nurses to make a distinctive contribution to their particular area of practice. In her role as state director and professional education co-ordinator for the Nurses Christian Fellowship Australia (NSW), Margaret has had the opportunity to provide nurses with some of the resources and practical support needed to facilitate excellent practice. Margaret's particular areas of interest are spiritual care and ethical issues in nursing practice and she has developed curricula for worksh...

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