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Draining Wounds, Fistulae, and Peristomal Wounds

Draining wounds, fistulae, and peristomal wounds present challenges to nurses and can cause significant concern to patients and their carers. The management of these wounds can be complicated—depending on the individual patient, the wound, the resources available, and the skill of the nurse.

This chapter discusses draining wounds, fistulae, and peristomal wounds.

Contents include

Draining wounds

  • Wound exudate and moist wound-healing 
  • Definition and aetiology of sinus wounds 
  • Assessment of sinus wounds 
  • Management of sinus wounds 
  • Drainage tubes


  • Definition, causes, and types 
  • Fistula management 
  • Pictorial case study 
  • Negative-pressure vacuum-assisted wound closure

Peristomal wounds

  • Frequency and causes 
  • Mucocutaneous separation
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