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Donna Milne
RN. Oncology/Palliative & Aged Care.

Donna is a registered nurse who has spent many years specialising in cancer nursing and works as a research fellow at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute, Melbourne. The focus of Donna's master's degree was the needs and experiences of family caregivers of people with advanced cancer. Donna has worked as a research fellow at the Centre for Palliative Care and the Victorian Centre for Nursing Practice Research at the University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Donna has been involved in research projects on family caregivers, breast-care nurses, symptom management, bereavement risk assessment, and the implementation of evidence-based practice. Donna's role also involves teaching communication skills, critical appraisal, and the development and utilisation of nursing research in the practice setting. Donna is involved with professional cancer nursing groups at a state and national level.
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