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John Hurley
MBBS (London), D Obst RCOG (UK), MCRP (UK) and FAFRM.

John Hurley is a physician in geriatric and rehabilitation medicine at the Queen Elizabeth Centre in Ballarat, a provincial city in Australia. He is a past chairman of the Australian Geriatric Society's Victorian branch and his committee memberships have included: Advisory Committee on Prosthetics and Orthotics to the Health Commission of Victoria, 1978; chairman of the Extended Care Working Party; Health Commission of Victoria, 1982; Small Rural Hospitals Task Force and Rural Health Advisory Committee to the Ministry of Health, 1994. John is currently a member of the Dementia Task Force and Healthstreams. Since 1982 he has been clinical instructor at Melbourne University Clinical School and his publications include a number of chapters in Challenge of Ageing (Churchill Livingstone, 1984) and more recently, Drugs and Elderly People, a Queen Elizabeth publication on medication and the elderly. His papers include Queen Elizabeth Behavioural Assessment Graphical System (BAGS), Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing, 1992 and the Queen Elizabeth graph system for urinary incontinence, Australian Journal on Ageing, 1995. John's special interest is the management of dementia, including the appropriate use of simple assessment tools.
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