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Marcia George
RN, RM, Cert (Intensive Care), Cert (Coronary Care Nursing), BAppSc (Nursing) and GradDip (Human Relationships - Education).

Marcia George held the position of charge nurse of the intensive care and coronary care units at the Preston and Northcote Community Hospital in Victoria between 1982 and 1991. Her nursing experience also includes aged care, gynaecology and maternity nursing, obstetrics and pediatrics and over two decades of critical care nursing. Marcia has always believed that hospital environments, in particular, high-tech healthcare environments, are often viewed as austere and frightening by the general community. She also believes that with a little imagination and a relatively small budget, a lot can be done to enhance and transform these environments into healthcare areas that are more comfortable and conducive to both the physical and psychological healing needs of patients and their families.
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