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Anne Morgan
Palliative Care. RN, PostGrad Cert (Palliative Care), PostGrad Dip (Health Services)

Anne Morgan is a registered nurse who works as the palliative care nurse consultant at Christchurch Hospital, New Zealand. She holds a postgraduate certificate in palliative care and a postgraduate diploma in health sciences, and is completing her master's degree. Anne has worked in the area of oncology and palliative care for more than 25 years in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. She helped to develop the Christchurch Hospital Palliative Care Service in 1999. She is also involved in graduate and post-graduate education and runs a communication business providing workshops for health professionals and for people who have life threatening illnesses. Anne has developed a hospital palliative care website to provide specialist palliative care knowledge to health professionals and patients. She has also developed a number of guidelines and protocols for palliative care in acute care settings. Anne has represented the nursing profession on several regional and National groups and is currently an executive committee member of the Canterbury/West Coast division of the Cancer Society of New Zealand.
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