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Christopher Ziguras
BA (Hons).

Prior to his current job as Curator of the Human Mind and Body Program at the Museum of Victoria in Melbourne; Christopher lectured in the sociology of health at Griffith University in Queensland and worked as a writer of educational multimedia and video programs. He was a co-writer on the SomaZone adolescent health CD-ROM produced for the Victorian Department of Human Services, QUIT, Victoria Legal Aid and the National Asthma Campaign. Christopher completed a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) at the University of Melbourne in 1992 and is currently completing a PhD in Politics at Monash University in Melbourne. His research deals with the popularity of self-help approaches to health care since the 1970s and explores the political dimensions of self-care in health. His most recent academic publication is 'The Technologization of the Sacred; Virtual Reality and the New Age' in David Holmes (ed.) Virtual Politics: Identity and Community in Cyberspace. London: Sage 1997.
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