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Rosemary Lancaster

Born in England, in the rural county of Herefordshire, Rosemary Lancaster completed her general education at Ross Grammar School. She trained to become a Registered Nurse at King's College Hospital, London, then spent over a year at Preston Hall Chest Hospital in Kent where she gained the British Tuberculosis Association and National Thoracic Surgery certificates. After training and registration as a midwife she went to Zambia in Central Africa, working in Lusaka and Livingstone in general nursing and midwifery. For over twenty years she has lived in Perth, Western Australia, where she has been employed in several nursing homes. Amongst her qualifications are gerontological nursing, palliative care and basic counselling certificates. As a Christian she worships in the Anglican community and is a licensed pastoral assistant. Her growing revelation of the meaning and the importance of spirituality as a vital component in her personal life has encouraged and equipped her to practise true holistic nursing within her field of employment. Rosemary is married and has a close family of three daughters and their partners, who live in nearby Perth suburbs.
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