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Jenny Abbey
Nurse Practitioner

Jenny trained at St George's Hospital in London (UK), completed her bachelor's degree in nursing at the University of New England (New South Wales, Australia), and gained a PhD in nursing from Deakin University (Victoria, Australia) in 1995. Jenny has also been a hands-on-nurse practitioner, union organiser and assistant dean in research at Flinders University (Adelaide, South Australia). She now works with her husband as a health-care consultant and independent researcher. At present they are engaged on a national quality and compliance audit of government contractors in domiciliary nursing. For many years, Jenny has been especially interested in the needs of people with dementia, and has published and lectured widely on the subject. In particular, she has been concerned about the issue of pain management in people with dementia who cannot articulate their needs, and how this issue affects patients, health professionals, and families.
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