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David Stephenson
MA and PhD.

David Stephenson started working as a palliative care nurse in 1995. Since that time, he has worked in patient, hospital and community services in both Adelaide, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory. David has recently returned to clinical practice as a nurse practitioner candidate after spending a number of years in health service planning and reform implementation roles, where he had a lead role in the development of the current strategic plan for palliative care service in South Australia. He will soon complete a Master of Nurse Practitioner. In 2012, he will seek authorisation as a palliative care nurse practitioner. David is also currently involved in the development of a multidisciplinary, clinic-based model of supportive care for people with end-stage renal failure who elect not to undertake dialysis. He is also very interested in exploring nurse-led hospice beds and the development of more robust models of clinical supervision, role transition and practice development for the palliative care nurse practitioner candidates of tomorrow.
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