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Clare Hetzel
BA, Dip (Educational Psychology) and Dip (Visual Arts).

Clare Hetzel is a psychologist, sexual health consultant, and visual artist. She holds a bachelor of arts degree (in psychology and anthropology), a diploma in educational psychology, and a diploma in visual arts. Clare has been involved in both private and public health care as a psychologist, educator, family counsellor, mediator, and consultant for the past twenty years. During this time she has developed and implemented a range of programs - including programs on sensual well-being and sexual health promotion, communication and conflict resolution, and grief and stress management. Clare spent four years working with the complex care unit at Melbourne Extended Care and Rehabilitation Service (Victoria, Australia), during which time one of her roles was supporting people and their families in adjusting to living with a gastrostomy tube. Clare is a co-director of Desirable Outcomes Pty Ltd, a business that is committed to promoting sexual health for adults in aged and disability services.
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