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Mary Bredin

Mary is a registered general nurse with postgraduate qualifications in complementary health studies and a background in cancer and palliative care nursing. Her specific interest in the subject of breathlessness began in 1996 when she became coordinator of a study to evaluate nursing intervention for breathlessness in patients with lung cancer at the Macmillan Practice Development Unit (MPDU) at the University of Manchester (UK). The MPDU was set up in May 1994 to provide information and to conduct research studies relevant to the needs of Macmillan Nurses. At the same time, she worked as a practitioner in a breathlessness clinic. Mary has now left the MDPU to be with her young daughter and to train as a counsellor at Sussex University (UK). She continues to teach and write about breathlessness and is interested in incorporating psychodynamic theory into her work on this subject.
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