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Brigitte Van Heere
BN (Hons.), BSc and RN.

This chapter is a reflection of the research that Brigitte van Heere undertook as part of the Bachelor of Nursing (Honours) program, under the supervision of Anne Fry, Senior Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing at the University of Western Sydney - Nepean. The research was started after Brigitte finished her Bachelor of Nursing. Brigitte found that the course constantly reiterated the need to provide holistic nursing care, but there seemed to be a lack of information on how to deal with the spiritual needs of a patient. This lead to the development of such questions in her mind as: 'How am I supposed to care for the spiritual needs of my patients?' and 'How do other nurses look after their patients' spiritual needs?' With these questions running through her mind, she began to look into how nurses attended to their patients' spiritual needs. While conducting this research she worked full time as a registered nurse. At present she is working full time in the Intensive Care/Coronary Care Unit at Campbelltown Hospital in New South Wales.
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