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Regina Millard

Regina is a member of the Sisters of Charity, Australia. She graduated from St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney (New South Wales, Australia) in 1971 and worked for 20 years as a registered nurse focusing on nurse education. After spending 12 months at the Institute of Religious Formation in St Louis (Missouri, USA), Regina's first position in palliative care was with the pastoral care team at Sacred Heart Hospice, Darlinghurst (New South Wales, Australia). She then began community-based palliative care in 1994 as a pastoral carer on the multidisciplinary team of Caritas Christi and the Order of Malta Hospice home-care service in Kew (Victoria, Australia). In 1998, this service became one of four partners in Eastern Palliative Care, the largest single provider of community-based palliative care in Victoria. Regina's special interests are in pre-bereavement and post-bereavement care of adults and children in family settings and groups.
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