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Judy Zollo
Palliative Care PhD, MEd, BN, BA, Dip (Teach)

After 12 years as a high school teacher Judy began nursing in 1983. Following her training, Judy spent 4 years at Royal Adelaide Hospital, where her work with HIV-AIDS patients stimulated her interest in palliative care. After leaving RAH, Judy worked as a lecturer in the School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of SA from 1991-2004. She then took up a role as a Registered Nurse at the Mary Potter Hospice (2005-June 2012) before moving to Daw House Hospice where she was a member of the hospice’s casual pool staff (June 2012-April, 2014). Following her return to clinical practice, Judy was able to continue her teaching role in the following areas: Preparation and delivery of Calvary Health Care’s palliative care courses for registered and enrolled nurses (2005-2010); sessional lecturing in the School of Nursing and Midwifery, Flinders University (2005-2012); preparation and delivery of Ausmed’s palliative care seminars (ongoing). Judy has a strong interest in maintaining a balance between Evidence Based Practice and maintenance of palliative care’s historical focus on a holistic and humanistic approach to care.
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