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Gordon Poulton
GradCert (Advanced Nursing Cancer/Palliative Care Nursing), Cert (Cancer Nursing), RN, MRCNA.

Gordon began his nursing career in 1979, and has worked predominantly in oncology since commencing employment at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute in 1980 as a State Enrolled Nurse. After completing his General Nursing Training at Box Hill Hospital in Melbourne in 1985, Gordon returned to the Cancer Institute where he has been involved in a variety of cancer care areas. Following the completion of a Certificate in Cancer Nursing at the Institute in 1988, Gordon worked for six years as a Clinical Nurse Consultant in the chemotherapy unit. During this time he was given the responsibility of coordinating the pilot Hospital in the Home program, and participating in both the clinical and academic aspects of chemotherapy nurse education. Gordon has presented at numerous forums at local, national and international levels on topics ranging from nutrition in immunocompromised persons to informed consent in people undergoing clinical trials. He is a past convenor of the Victorian AIDS Council (VAC) Nurses Group and deputy convenor of the VAC Support Group. At present he is completing a Master of Health Science in Cancer Nursing at Victoria University of Technology in Melbourne. Gordon's private life is devoted to socialising with his friends, listening to a wide variety of music and tackling cryptic crosswords.
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