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Jane Hall
RN, RM, BAppSci (Advanced Nursing Education), MEd, FRCNA and FACM.

Jane is a nurse-midwife and healer. She has a private practice and consultancy in healing and education. She is a teacher and practitioner of Therapeutic Touch and a practitioner of Healing Touch and Kinesiology. Jane has extensive experience in women's health, especially birthing. She also has a background in administration as a senior nursing adviser in the Victorian Health Department in Australia. She was a senior lecturer at the Australian Catholic University and continues to guest lecture at several universities. Jane is also a member of the inaugural Nurses Board of Victoria. Jane conducts seminars centred around personal development for mothers, nurses, midwives and other healers, including workshops exploring the wounded healer, in both Sydney and Melbourne. She uses many innovative and inspiring approaches to nurture, enrich and enliven participants. She has recently established Healing Connections, in partnership with Sue Dawson, which aims to facilitate the teaching and integration of Therapeutic Touch in the health care system.
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