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Jenny Donovan
RN, RM, Cert (Maternal and Child Health), BN, MSc (Primary Health Care) and FRCNA.

enny Donovan is a member of The Flinders University School of Nursing in South Australia. She wrote the following notes about this chapter: The project for my Master of Science degree evolved from the work of Barclay (1993) who interviewed couples during pregnancy and found a mismatch with regard to the sexual interest levels between men and women during pregnancy. I worked with Professor Lesley Barclay for my project and my novice research skills improved within the culture of a research-oriented and collaborative team of nurses, midwives and doctors at Flinders University. That environment provided the opportunity to develop my project within a network of skilled support and positive interest which gave me direct access to statisticians and political and professional support that would otherwise have been unavailable. The process facilitated my successful application for research funds (the project was funded by a Flinders University URB grant) and was part of a concerted and strategic effort to bring practitioners and researchers together in a nonjudgmental yet rigorously demanding environment. Regular research meetings were held involving researchers at all levels of competence undertaking numerous projects and openly sharing their research proposals and work in progress. Constant feedback on draft after draft improved our processes. This environment facilitated group learning about various research methodologies, brought diverse disciplines together and provided the support and encouragement necessary to take the next step, whether it be, for example, defending one's own project at an ethics committee meeting or discussing the difficulties surrounding recruitment. This model of research is to be highly recommended.
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