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Eddi Cohen
R.N.,B.S., MICN, CCRN, CFRN (ret), Clinical Nurse Consultant, Sydney, Australia / Santa Monica, California USA

Eddi Cohen has been a critical care clinician and an internationally known speaker/author for over 35 years. She divides her time between Sydney and Los Angeles, California. She is the medical director of Mobile Medical Systems International (Australia) and a clinical nurse consultant with EMS Network International (USA). Eddi’s professional background includes, among other things, management, administrative, and clinical positions in trauma centres, ICU, aeromedicine, and prehospital care/EMS. Eddi strives to change nursing practices from "tradition-based" to "evidence-based" protocols. She is a popular, frequently requested speaker and a passionate lecturer who speaks to the need for "best-practice" models using interventional patient hygiene, a process designed to reduce occurrences of HAI’s and healthcare-acquired skin injuries in high-risk patient populations, such as the critically ill and vulnerable elderly and disabled. As part of that process, Eddi addresses the absolute need for 100% compliance by all "hands-on carers", be they nursing professionals or ancillary bedside carers, as it’s the essential element in driving best practice and improving patient outcomes; However, affecting these outcomes is the often overlooked and disregarded issue of missed nursing care, and the hidden barriers it creates to practice compliance.
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