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Leviseda Bun Douglas

Leviseda Bun Douglas was born in Cambodia. She is married with one son. She fled Cambodia in 1979 and stayed in refugee camps in Thailand from 1979 till 1983. During her stay in those camps, she worked in the hospital and nutrition department where she had many contacts with Cambodian families and had the opportunity to learn about their pattern of healthcare practices and beliefs. Leviseda came to Australia in 1983 where she undertook a three-year ethnic studies course. For seven years after she completed her studies, she was employed by various community health centers in Melbourne as a community health worker. One of her major roles was to organise and conduct cross-cultural training for staff. During that period she also did extensive work with ethnic communities, especially the Cambodian community. At present Leviseda is employed as a broadcaster with the Cambodian Service of Radio Australia, one of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation networks. One of her major roles is to produce and present health features on a weekly basis. Her research interests are in the area of healthcare and education.
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