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Effective Design for Documentation

  • Outlines the need for forms
  • Outlines the equipment needed for effective documentation
  • Discusses the principles of effective form design
  • Highlights the need for trials when designing a form

This chapter offers practical advice on the design of effective forms for nursing documentation. Well designed forms are easier to use, but before designing a completely new form nurses should consider whether they are able to adapt to an existing one. The suggestions in this chapter will help nurses to design forms that best suit their purposes.

Contents include

  • Introduction
  • The purpose of forms
  • Equipment
    • Paper
    • Computer software
  • Principles of effective form design
    • Identification
    • Title
    • Purpose
    • Presentation
    • Layout
    • Seeking information logically
  • Trials
  • Conclusion
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Author / Editor Biographies

BA, MEd, DipContEd (UNE) and TPTC.
John is not a nurse but he was a senior bureaucrat in a number of educational systems. He had to deal with a lot of forms; some excellent, some good, some nondescript and some downright awful. This chapter is designed to share his experience with you and, hopefully, to assist you to design your own forms which, of course, will be superb.

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