Elder Abuse

There is no doubt that the abuse of elderly people occurs both in the community and in healthcare institutions. Nurses, whether based in hospitals or in the community, are in an ideal position to identify possible abuse, design interventional or preventative strategies and safeguard those in their care. However, to be able to carry out this role, they need specific education, training and guidance to heighten their awareness. This chapter examines the causes of abuse, how abuse can be prevented and strategies that can be implemented when it is detected.

Contents include

  • The emergence of elder abuse
  • Causes
  • Types of abuse
  • Elder abuse in institutions
  • Ethical dilemmas
  • Detecting elder abuse and designing an intervention strategy
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Author / Editor Biographies

Aged Care. Professor (Department of Applied Social Studies of the City University of Hong Kong).
Alex Yui-huen Kwan is a professor at the Department of Applied Social Studies of the City University of Hong Kong. He is an active researcher in the gerontology field and has published journal articles on elderly suicide, elderly abuse, attitudes towards older people, caregiver behaviour, and comparative studies on ageing. Alex is the author of several books on the social and psychological care of the aged and has also edited several practical work and training manuals on the subject.

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