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Enriching the Environment

  • Describes the typical lifestyle of many people with dementia
  • Explains typical nurses' perspectives of the lifestyles of people with dementia
  • Provides strategies for improving the standard of living of patients with dementia including story-telling, affection and more

This chapter begins with an exposé of the everyday environments of care units as experienced by many people with dementia, and follows with a discussion of how and why such inappropriate and inadequate environments continue to exist. The chapter then discusses how practice can be transformed, how environments can be enriched, and how meaning can be restored to the lives of people with dementia.

Contents include

  • The everyday lived world
  • The nurses' perspective
  • Transforming practice
    • Returning to traditional values
    • An alternative framework for nursing practice
  • Implementing enriched environments
    • Simple and more complex strategies
  • Being of their world
    • Story-telling
    • A playful attitude
    • Sounds and aromatic massage
    • Respect and affection
    • Making use of facilities
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Author / Editor Biographies

Aged Care / Dementia Newcastle
Kim holds the position of Conjoint Professor in the School of Nursing and Midwifery. She was awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 1993 and studied restraint minimisation practices in dementia-specific units across the globe. Her qualifications and extensive experience are in the field of social gerontology and dementia. Kim’s interests include collaborative and transformative practice development as a means of implementing and evaluating person-centred approaches to care practice - and particularly, the importance of gathering rigorous practice-based evidence with which to inform evidence-bas...

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