• Discusses the decontamination of resident equipment and articles
  • Provides a table assessing the levels of equipment processing
  • Explains the various types of cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation
  • Provides additional tables for sample cleaning schedules
  • Explanation of pest control and waste management

This chapter examines the preparation and maintenance of resident care equipment, the type of supplies and equipment that staff members use in resident care, the effectiveness of environmental services and the way in which pest infestation and waste disposal is managed.

Contents include

  • Decontamination of resident equipment
    • Cleaning, disinfection, and sterilisation
  • Resident care articles and equipment
  • Environmental services: cleaning the kitchen and laundry
    • Cleaning; food; and laundry services
  • Pest control and waste management
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Kevin J. Kendall is an experienced practitioner in infection prevention and control. Having originally trained as a general nurse and midwife, Kevin's involvement in infection prevention and control has spanned more than 17 years, and his expertise in this field has been sought by hospitals, community health centres, medical practices, extended-care facilities, and child-care centres. He has worked with many health professionals and aged-care staff on program assessment, development and review; environmental safety matters; compliance with standards; and education and training programs. Kevin ...

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