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Exploring the Boundries of Oncological Nursing Practice

  • Provides a critical overview of health care in 1990
  • Lists the reforms and the reform agenda that are occurring in Australia today
  • Includes a table and information on the emerging health system in the US
  • Outlines and explains ways nurses can together lead the way to solve problems and create the future
  • Explanation of advanced practice roles (nurse-doctor partnerships)
  • A table of tenets of an assertive philosophy for the competent nurse is provided
  • Lists and describes a multitude of justified and explained opportunities and possibilities for oncology nurse in the present and future

This chapter critically evaluates the heath care system and the nurses role within this system. It lists the movements that are being created for a better future and offers a range of opportunities and suggestions for nurses who wish to create a better future, which this author believes is primarily in the hands of nurses today.

Contents include

  • Health care in Australia in the 1990s
    • Making better use of available resources
    • Continuing microeconomic reform
    • Encouraging real competition and service innovation in the health market
    • Clarifying management of the system between jurisdictions
  • The situation overseas
  • A role for nurses?
  • Advanced Practice Nurses
  • The competent, assertive nurse
  • Opportunities
  • References
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Author / Editor Biographies

RN, RM, BN, GradCert (Oncology Nursing), Marsden GradDip (Advanced Nursing Administration), MBus, MRCNA and FWCLP.
Maree has spent most of her life working with people with cancer. She has experience in most areas of nursing including rural health care, clinical practice, nursing education, nursing administration and now quality improvement. She is enthusiastic about the future of nursing.

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