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Fast Facts: Asthma

Despite the availability of many effective treatments for asthma, patients' control of the condition is often suboptimal. Now in its fourth edition, Fast Facts: Asthma delivers a clear practical message - improved asthma control can be achieved through efficient commonsense delivery of asthma care.

This highly readable and well-illustrated book examines the essentials of good asthma care, distilled from the latest international guidelines and best available evidence. These include:

  • accurate asthma diagnosis
  • identification of risk factors and triggers
  • objective assessment of airway inflammation and severity
  • practical and convenient measurement of lung function
  • effective delivery of inhaled medication
  • the recommended stepwise approach to asthma treatment
  • recognition and treatment of acute asthma attacks
  • individualised management plans and patient education.

The practical applied information presented in this fully updated edition of Fast Facts: Asthma is designed to help healthcare professionals in primary care improve treatment, reduce dependence on reliever medication, achieve near-normal lung function and improve quality of life in all patients with asthma.

Contents include

  • Pathophysiology
  • Epidemiology and natural history
  • Diagnosis and classification
  • Management
  • Acute asthma attacks
  • Exercise-induced asthma
  • Future trends 

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Author / Editor Biographies

Head, Allergy, Asthma and Clinical Immunology Service, Alfred Hospital and Monash University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Clinical Professor of Immunopharmacology, School of Medicine, Southampton General Hospital, Southampton, UK


Health Press Limited is an independent publisher based in Oxford, UK. They have been publishing Fast Facts -- the ultimate medical handbook series since 1995.

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