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Food and Nutrition in Today's Australia

Resource Type: Nursing Lecture
Presenter: Emma Stirling
Listening Time: 45 Mins
Date Added: 17/07/2017
Date Recorded: 24/08/2015
Date Reviewed:
Event: Linking Chronic Illness to Food
Location: Melbourne, Australia

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(Statistics correct at time of recording) There is an abundance of food now available in Australia. The production of food involves a range of people and places and is a major driver of our economy. This introductory session reviews how our geography and climate impact not only our food choices but our health.

Topics covered

  • Where does our food come from?
  • What sort of foods are we consuming?
  • Does where we live impact on our state of nutrition, e.g. food deserts?
  • Food waste - Is this a concern?

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Presenter Biographies

Accredited Practising Dietician
Emma Stirling is an accredited practising dietitian (APD), Director of Scoop Nutrition Consultancy and Editor of The Scoop on Nutrition – a blog designed as a platform to promote expert dietitians and credible nutrition news from around the globe. During her early career Emma worked in Hong Kong for the BBC World News channel. Today, she utilises her media skills as media spokesperson and nutrition writer for consumer and health professional media. This includes her role as Nutrition Editor of Weight Watchers magazine and regular contributions to other titles, including Good Health and Diab...

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