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Geriatric Medicine: A Pocket Book for Doctors, Nurses, Other Health Professionals and Students

Geriatric Medicine is exactly what the subtitle says – a pocket guide for doctors, nurses, and other health professionals and students. In its first edition it was highly valued by nurses and trainee doctors and when it went out of print there were constant queries about its reprint date from those who knew what an excellent, quick-and-easy reference it was.

In response to those queries and because of our ageing community and the implications that has for the health professionals, Geriatric Medicine is back. The second edition contains new, up-to-date material on models of service delivery, cancer and palliative care, and residential care.

For this new edition, the original four Australian authors have been joined by a fifth, a New Zealander, Wendy Busby, a teacher of geriatric medicine. The new edition has material specifically directed to services for the elderly in New Zealand.

As the picture on the front of that book tells you, the authors think that ageing can be a positive healthy experience, and with this book they are spreading the message that health professionals have a real part to play in that experience.

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Author / Editor Biographies

David Fonda is the Director of Aged Care Services at Caulfield General Medical Centre, Melbourne. He is an Associate Professor of Medicine at Monash University. He has a special clinical and research interest in bladder and bowel dysfunction. He was the Foundation President of the Continence Foundation of Australia and chairs various national and international committees.
Michael Woodward is the Director of Aged Care Services at the Austin and Repatriation Medical Centre in Melbourne. He has a special interest in drug therapy in the elderly. He has conducted research in areas of dementia, incontinence and swallowing disorders. He has held many senior appointments in the learned colleges and gerontological societies of Australia.
Wendy Busby is the Clinical Leader of Care of the Elderly, Healthcare Otago, and Clinical Senior Lecturer in the Department of Medicine of the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand. Her major research has been community-based studies of heart disease and functional status of the elderly. Her specialist interest is in Parkinson's disease. She is involved in the teaching of geriatric medicine.
Len Gray is Chief of Aged Care and Rehabilitation for North Western Health, a network of hospital and community services in Melbourne that includes Bundoora Extended Care Centre and Melbourne Extended Care and Rehabilitation Service. He holds an appointment as Professor/Director of Aged Care with Melbourne University. He has a long involvement in clinical practice and administration of geriatric services in general and geriatric hospitals, and in the community. His special research interest is in organisation of aged care services.


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