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Gynaecological Cancer Care: A Guide to Practice

Gynecological cancers represent the second most common group of cancer and the most common cause of cancer deaths in women. This Ausmed package teaches the art of caring for women experiencing these cancers. 

As another volume in Ausmed’s acclaimed ‘Guide to Practice’ series, Gynecological Cancer Care: A Guide to Practice provides expert, practical, anthropocentric, evidence-based advice for all those who care for women with these diseases. Every respective author of the twenty-two chapters is a clinical expert in her field, and this has ensured that current research knowledge and clinical expertise come together to provide readers with comprehensive, relevant guidance for the professional care of women with gynecological cancer.

This book has the capacity to enable a very real difference to be made to the lives of women who may be diagnosed with gynecological cancers from a person-centered perspective.

Contents include

  • Gynecological Cancer Care: A Guide to Practice is available as a textbook alone or as an audiobook and textbook package designed for the busy health professional. It consists of an abridged audiobook on CD together with a full-length high quality textbook
  • There are 28 international chapter authors who are acknowledged experts in their various fields of cancer care
  • Challenges health care professionals throughout the world to respond with the latest knowledge and the best clinical practice in gynecological cancer care
  • In keeping with the evidence-based nature of the text, the book concludes with a list of references and a comprehensive, cross-referenced index
  • A definitive textbook on gynecological cancer care

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Author / Editor Biographies

Clinical Nurse Consultant - Gynaecological / Oncology - Westmead Hospital Colleague = SHANNON PHILP
Tish Lancaster is a registered nurse who holds an oncology certificate and bachelor's degree in health science (nursing). She is a fellow of the College of Nursing (NSW), a fellow of the Royal College of Nursing, Australia, deputy chairperson of the Cancer Nurses Society of Australia, and the chairperson of the society's Research Advisory Committee. Tish has worked as a cancer nurse for more than 20 years, and is currently the clinical nurse consultant for gynaecological oncology at Westmead Hospital (Sydney, Australia).
Kathryn is a registered nurse who holds a bachelor's degree in science (nursing), a master's degree in medical science (palliative care), and a specialist practitioner qualification in palliative care. Kathryn has worked as a cancer nurse in Scotland and Australia for more than ten years and is currently the clinical nurse consultant for gynaecological oncology at the Sydney Cancer Centre. Kathryn has provided nursing representation on a variety of national working parties and has been involved in the development and implementation of guidelines for quality assurance, accreditation, and the ma...


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