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Health Records in the Home

  • Summarises the purposes of the home health record
  • Discusses how the home health record can empower patients by facilitating access to information, decision-making and choice.
  • Focuses on potential problems associated with keeping the health record in the home such as anxiety and ethical dilemmas
  • Provides solutions to difficulties that may arise through keeping the health record in the home

This chapter explains the advantages and potential conflicts of using home health records. It demonstrates that the rightful focus of the home health setting is the client, the care provided and the carer. It shows that the aim of community nursing is to establish a partnership between nurse and client which empowers clients to participate fully in their own care.

Contents include

  • The Purpose Of The Home Health Record
    • Legal
    • Communication
  • The Power Shift And The Partnership
  • Potential Conflicts: Potential Solutions
  • In Summary
  • References
  • Suggested Reading
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Author / Editor Biographies

RN, RM, BAppSc (Advanced Nursing Education) and MRCNA.
Jenny is a nurse educator with Healthlinks Education and Training Service, Royal District Nursing Service, Melbourne. A community nursing clinician and educator for the last seven years, Jenny has a long-standing interest in community clinical issues, especially chronic wound management. She has assisted in the development of a wound assessment tool and a standardised wound care plan and is a member, and past active committee member, of the Wound Management Association of Victoria.
RN, BN and GradDip (Community Health).
Sharon has worked for the Royal District Nursing Service for eleven years. Her roles have included: generalist clinical nurse consultant, client services co-ordinator, project officer and, currently, field staff member. She has been involved in writing wound management and clinical procedure manuals. Sharon has a strong interest in improving nursing standards, providing quality nursing care and working with clients and other skilled nurses as part of a home nursing team.

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