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Hope - the Inner Strength

  • Defines the meaning of hope and its contribution to human survival
  • It critically examines whether or not hope is the essential key to survival
  • Case studies and evidentiary support of the potentially powerful impact on surviving a diagnosis of a life-threatening illness
  • Explains how nurses can harbor and spread hope to their patient
  • Distinguishes 'unrealistic hope' from 'realistic hope'

Rather than presenting definite and clear-cut answers, this chapter sets out to explore the premise that hope is complex, multidimensional concept of considerable importance to people with potentially terminal conditions, including cancer. The fact that this chapter raises more questions that it answers suggests that continued questioning of the assumptions underlying this debate is a must for nurses and others associated with those suffering from cancer.

Contents include

  • The Meaning Of Hope
  • Is Hope The Essential Key To Survival?
  • When The Prognosis Is Not So Good ...
  • Nursing The Hope
  • Hope As A Reality-Based Belief ... But Whose Reality?
  • References and suggested reading
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Author / Editor Biographies

Palliative Care PhD, MEd, BN, BA, Dip (Teach)
After 12 years as a high school teacher, Judy began nursing in 1983. Following her training, Judy spent 4 years at Royal Adelaide Hospital, where her work with HIV-AIDS patients stimulated her interest in palliative care. After leaving RAH, Judy worked as a lecturer in the School of Nursing and Midwifery, the University of SA from 1991-2004. She then took up a role as a Registered Nurse at the Mary Potter Hospice (2005-June 2012) before moving to Daw House Hospice where she was a member of the hospice’s casual pool staff (June 2012-April, 2014). Following her return to clinical practice, ...

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