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Hostility and Agression

Although most people can control their anger, or express it appropriately, some people have problems in managing these feelings. Anger can lead to hostility towards others, and this can deteriorate into aggression and violence. This chapter discusses anger and hostility, and how
carers can manage it appropriately. The theme of the chapter
is ‘de-escalation.’ Although people often speak about ‘defusing’
aggression, the word ‘defusing’ implies that action is being
taken when aggression is about to explode. In contrast, the
term ‘de-escalation’ refers to preventive action – such that
hostility is prevented from developing into aggression and
potential violence. This requires the ability to anticipate the development of aggression, followed by the dissipation of the emotions that are contributing to the potential aggression. Anticipation is the key to dissipation.

Contents include

  • Glossary
  • Strategies and techniques
  • Aggression directed at the helper
  • Things not to do.
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