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Life Chances: Issues of Childrearing and Poverty Among Asian Immigrants

This chapter considers issues of childbirth and childrearing for a group of Asian immigrant and refugee families from diverse backgrounds and income groups, but with a particular focus on those living on low incomes; that is, incomes below or near the poverty line. It looks at the effects of low income on the health and well being of these families with young children. The chapter draws on the first stage of the longitudinal ‘Life Chances’ study undertaken by the Brotherhood of St Laurence and looks at the situation and experiences of 33 Asian-born mothers with young babies.

Contents include

  • Details of the ‘Life Chances’ study
  • The Asian families involved
  • Families in poverty
  • The birth of their children
  • Prenatal classes
  • Feeding.
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Author / Editor Biographies

Janet Taylor was born in Melbourne. She has social work qualifications from The University of Melbourne and a masters degree in sociology from La Trobe University. She has two children. She has worked in social research for a number of years on a range of research studies focused on immigrant issues and her present research interests include the impact of low income and other aspects of disadvantage on families with young children. Janet is a senior researcher with the Brotherhood of St Lawrence, an Australian Not-for-profit organisation, whose work for people of all ages includes programs to ...

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