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Managing with a Culturally Diverse Workforce

The purpose here is to discuss the issues that managers in health care organisations need to consider in developing and deploying a culturally diverse workforce. Most of the issues to be dealt with are management issues relating to staffing and staff relations. Considering the number of issues to be confronted and the depth of emotion that they uncover in any organisation it is worthwhile taking some time to develop a rationale for undertaking the exercise of improving productivity by using the full range of cultures that exist in any health care organisation.

Contents include

  • Introduction
  • Developing a rationale
  • Language and cultural issues
  • Health sector responses
  • Using appropriate staff appropriately
  • Establishing language proficiency
  • Identifying the language-proficient staff
  • Recruiting language-proficient staff
  • Negotiating the role
  • Communicating the role
  • Conclusion
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Author / Editor Biographies

Transcultural and language
Lawrence Arnold has a Master of Arts in applied linguistics. He works as a consultant specialising in consulting and project management. In recent years he has managed two projects in the area of ethnic health for the Royal District Nursing Service in Melbourne. The recommendations from one of these projects were released recently in a publication entitled Doing More Than Opening the Door. Lawrence's professional interests are in the identification and resolution of transcultural and language issues in Australian organisations.

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