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Mental Health Nursing: An Awesome Profession

"I am privileged that my work enables me to really make a difference to the lives of my patients ... I consider myself an 'Average Jane' nurse, meaning that all the effort and time I put into helping people is only comparable to the next nurse, and I am always amazed by the efforts and stories from other nurses in different fields. But one thing I am certain of is that we each bring a unique part of ourselves to the job. Nurses try to go that extra step to help, whether it is by comforting a patient or family, or by just giving them the extra time they need..."

Providing an optimistic, youthful and forward-thinking perspective on the nursing profession, Pieta Shakes' perspective as to 'why the world needs nurses' is a refreshing glimpse into the view of the profession from people in the beating heart of it, so to speak! Additionally, the fact that Pieta works in mental health is equally significant - it appears mental health may be one of the major health care issues in the near future.

Whilst the difficulties inherent in mental health nursing can tend to discourage and overwhelm some nurses, the genuine passion to help those who are less fortunate, can be unequivocally seen in this chapter and thus it serves to both encourage, and better explain, the occupation of a mental health nurse.

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