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Mid Trimester Loss

  • Description on how prejudice is unacceptable
  • Case studies for pre-natal testing and their results
  • Guidelines for breaking bad news about pre-natal testing
  • In depth description of clinical management when the decision is made to interrupt pregnancy and to continue the pregnancy
  • Provides stories from various parents whose decisions all differed

This chapter provides insight into the different choices parents can make and their outcomes. Through case studies, midwives are guided through how they should act and not act. Clinical management descriptions are also provided for varied decisions and throughout the entire chapter midwives are advised on how to inform parents for even the worst news.

Contents include

  • Prejudice
  • Prenatal Testing
  • Breaking Bad News
  • Clinical Management (When Parents Elect To Interrupt The Pregnancy)
  • Clinical Management (When Parents Elect To Continue The Pregnancy)
  • References
  • Interesting Research Articles
  • Recommended Reading
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Author / Editor Biographies

Midwife - academic - still birth
Jane Warland is a midwife and bereaved parent. Jane's first pregnancy ended in miscarriage, her fifth in the stillbirth of her baby, Emma. Since Emma's death Jane and her husband Michael have had two books published: Our Baby Died, an illustrated children's book published in 1994, and Pregnancy After Loss, a survival guide for couples experiencing a subsequent pregnancy after the death of a baby, published in 1996. Jane has a particular interest in educating her colleagues about the needs of bereaved parents. Since Emma's death she has been involved in educating both student midwives and pract...

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