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Never Too Late: Nursing at 40

"After almost 20 years of working as an engineer, at the age of 40, my husband became a registered nurse. This career change caused a number of friends to question whether he was having a mid-life crisis. In fact, he had always wanted to be a nurse, but it wasn't a career path encouraged for teenage males in Britain in the 1980s. Attitudes have changes over the years, but at the time of his graduation in 2008, only around 10 per cent of registered nurses in the United Kingdom were male...."

Following from the requirement to gain global, distinctive perspectives on 'why the world needs nurses', this chapter provides a fascinating insight into a male, 40 year old, career-changing, Scottish highland-dwelling, nurse. Nevertheless, this chapter explores a breadth and depth of issues surrounding the necessity and role of nurses. Some topics explored include:

Contents include

  • Preconceptions about nursing;
  • The nursing education experience;
  • The practical nursing experience; 
  • The social changes resulting from a nursing career; etc.
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Linda Purves grew up in the lowlands of Scotland where her father worked as a hill shepherd. She and her husband, Andrew Bethell, live in a rural area of the Scottish Highlands with their three young children, and a fat cat. In a traditional area where old-fashioned stereotypes still exist, her husband's decision to become a nurse could potentially have been viewed as unusual. However, the response was one of complete acceptance and Andrew has been warmly welcomed into the local community as a male nurse. They hope his story inspires other men, middle-aged or otherwise, to consider nursing as ...

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