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Nurses as Advocates of the Weak, Vulnerable and the Elderly

"It is a mark of a compassionate society to respect and value the vulnerable. How a society cares for its older citizens is a measure of the sophistication of any community. However, when tough times compromise the economy of a society, it is essential that adequate systems remain in place to protect the weak and elderly. Nurses are an intrinsic part of systemised care, but their role as advocates to protect the vulnerable is often overlooked..."

One important cohort of society, which nurses ordinarily care for, are the Elderly. Their senility, coupled with their often inability to communicate in a manner in which they are heard, means that can be easily disregarded - as can the tireless individuals caring for them. This chapter, written by a registered nurse, provides a perspective on the significance of nurses from a 'grassroots level'. Not only does Christine Whitmarsh acknowledge the standard struggles and dilemmas experienced by nurses (which proves just why the world needs nurses), but she also flags potential concerns nurses have about the future of their profession - concerns necessary because of the worldwide relevance they have to the nursing future more generally.  

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RN and BSc (Nursing).
Christine Whitmarsh is a former RN, BSN who has translated her education and work experience into a fulfilling career as a healthcare blogger, medical writer and freelance journalist. Her communication business, Christine, Ink, offers clients a full writing service for a diverse range of industries. Christine is the author of One Citizen's Words and has worked in the film industry as a director, writer and producer. Born into a family of writers and entrepreneurs, Christine currently resides near Reno, Nevada, USA, with her husband.

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