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Nurses: Indispensable Colleagues

"Throughout my training and career in the United States, I have had the opportunity to work with great nurses. These dedicated individuals are the backbone of patient-centred care. Anyone who has required medical attention and been cared for by a nurse can attest to the veracity of that statement. Nurses are constantly at the front line in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, focusing on helping patients recover to better health..."

This is another chapter exploring the significant contribution nurses make to the physician/doctor's profession. Using personal anecdotes, Dr Benjamin Kartchner is able to give clear examples of how vital nurses are in the health care setting. He first looks at student- and newly graduated- doctors. Their inexperience, complemented by utter fear and trepidation, usually results in hesitantly following directions given to their supervisor - with the patient's life being that at risk as a consequence.

However, the friendliness, care and patience displayed by nurses when assisting these student / newly-graduated doctors is outlined by Dr Kartchner as being something of integral importance. Following on from this,  the emotional and spiritual aspect nurses bring to the health care setting is something that is indispensable; without it doctors wouldn't be able to perform the breadth of procedures they do; nor would the patients feel that they have been sufficiently care for.

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