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Nursing and Humanity: The Unteachable Talent

"From the perspective of someone who's proud to be a psychiatric nurse, in a career spanning four decades, I believe that a nurse's dedication and love for their patients makes the world a far, far better place. We would all be the poorer if nurses were somehow wiped away (not so ludicrous an idea when faced with the waning numbers entering hte profession), and patients were treated in an impersonal manner..."

Answering the question as to 'why the world needs nurses', this male psychiatric nurse provides an honest, genuine perspective that explores concepts of nursing often overlooked. Trevor Emdon has had a vast nursing career - both in time and in topic. From working with troubled teens, to clinically institutionalised patients; from working in stressful and emotionally tiring environments, to working in those more positive sectors. With this invaluable experience, he explains the unbelievable impressionable aspect that nursing provides -i.e. how nursing positively impacts both the patient directly, and the nurse (although as a consequence of providing care). 

Whilst the difficulties inherent in mental health nursing can tend to discourage and overwhelm some nurses, the touching and sincere effects that mental health nursing provide are interestingly discussed in this chapter.
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Trevor Emdon trained as a psychiatric nurse in the UK from 1976�C79. His driving passion is a desire to fi nd the source(s) of human happiness and convey to his fellow human beings his discoveries in any way possible. To this end he also studied Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and other psychotherapies. Still a practising psychiatric nurse, these days he divides his time between short-term management contracts, life coaching and writing self-help material online. His flagship website is . His interests include acoustic guitar (which he plays moderately well), the la...

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