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Nursing Career Opportunities: A Diverse and Multi-skilled Profession

"When we hear the word 'nurse', we automatically imagine someone who works in a hospital, a doctor's office or evena school and who practises 'traditional nursing'; that is, what some might call 'bedside nursing'. There are, however, many nurses who began their careers in a traditional bedside or clinical nursing role, but who have taken different career paths..."

And so begins this chapter exploring just 'why the world needs nurses'. Interestingly, however, Diana Gier looks at the multi-faceted and diverse career opportunities for nurses or individuals with a nursing qualification. Looking first to clincial settings, a number of career ideas are identified; including management and administration positions, public health nursing, prison or jail nursing, nurse practitioner, and nurse educator to name but a few. In addition, more unusual nursing careers are also highlighted - such as being a 'telenurse', legal nurse consultant, sexual assault nurse examiner, military nurse, and nurse lobbyist.

Further, this chapter is written in a highly engaging manner, as Ms Gier not only explains some of the professions, but uses cases studies (i.e. examples) to provide snippets of insight into the everyday life of such nurses. 

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